There should be another armor type!


There should be another armor type!

Magnet: Magnet makes items dropped by blocks jump to the player the way fishing loot does. Makes its o that if you break a block over lava, or above a hole, it comes straight to you rather than being lost. Really useful for obsidian over layers of lava.

Silk Grasp: Applies the Silk Touch enchantment to any pickaxe, but only when held by gloves with Silk Grasp.

Enderman's Touch: Lets the user, with an empty hand, pick up any block without actually mining it. The block remains in their hand until they set it down, and you cannot switch what you're holding until you put it down. Allows you to move full containers or acts as a one-slot-at-a-time version of Silk Touch.

Gentle Touch: Allows taming of any animal using an empty slot. Basically, lets you pet animals real good, and the animals go aw yeah thems some scritches, and then they love you.

Firm Grip: Any tools in your inventory are not lost upon death, but you lose the gloves. Everything else is lost as normal. Has 4 levels- At level 1, only stone or lower tools are kept. At level 2, iron tools are kept. At level 3, iron tools and ores are kept. At level 4, diamond tools and all mined loot are kept.

Various enchantments that make it so your glove type is equivalent to the tool type. Miner's Gloves, Woodcutter's Gloves, Farmer's Gloves, Swordsman's gloves, that sort of thing, turn a click with an empty hand into the equivalent of using a tool. Diamond miner's gloves let you punch diamonds, for example. Diamond Swordsman's Gloves are equivalent to using a diamond sword. Once a set of gloves has one of these enchantments it becomes able to take on any enchantments that tool could also have (So miner's gloves can get Fortune, and Swordsman's Gloves can get Fire Aspect, etc).