Minecraft VR on Oculus won’t launch?


Minecraft VR on Oculus won’t launch?

Whenever I go to launch Minecraft from the Oculus app, it just opens a launcher with a black screen called “Minecraft windows 10 edition launcher.” .

I have tried installing every java, (only the updated ones), re-installing oculus software, reinstalling Minecraft windows 10 edition, re-installing windows, re-installing the app in the store, re-installing my gpu drivers, checking for windows updates, enabling auto give me updates for other apps when I update windows, and pretty much everything. Even a full PC reset didn't make it work.

Also, when I try to download Minecraft, it says it's 2gb, but it only downloads 865kb and in the downloads folder, all that is there is a location folder, a few panoramas, a minecraftwindows10editionlauncher.exe, and the logo.

I have tried vivecraft, but prefer the controls of the oculus / windows 10 edition better.

Any tips?