Cyberghostde’s HD Resource Pack


Cyberghostde’s HD Resource Pack

Today, we will present to you guys a resource pack comes in a variety of resolutions called Cyberghostde's HD resource pack !! This resource pack starting at 64x and up to 128x, then again, to a maximum of 256x !! Just like the other resource pack that you've played before, this resource pack comes in different resolution sizes, there is a huge difference between the largest and smallest versions of Cyberghostde's HD resource pack. Despite of the fact that the visual differences between three kind of resolutions, all variants and textures of this resource pack come with support for shaders!

You guys can check some screenshots below to see the differences between three difference resolutions !! But the problem is, you must have a computer which is strong enough – high-end, equipped strong graphics card – when use this Cyberghostde's HD resource pack to change the look of Minecraft.

Everything has change, there's no more blocky textures !! This resource pack adding a rounded sun and moon, also re-work the lighting to make it more realistic and improve the shading elements as well. But if you have a low-end computer, don't worry, you can still enjoy this Cyberghostde's HD resource pack at 64x!!

So hope you guys will enjoy this resource pack!!