Dokucraft: The Saga Continues Resource Pack

We can say that Dokucraft is one of the most popular resource pack for Minecraft which allows players to choose a variety of different sets of updates to change the environment and enjoy their own game !! You will see nothing like this resource pack ! The reason why we said that because this resource pack comes with three different styles – high, dark and light, every single of them has their own style. They aren’t developed by different resolutions though, so it’s not a resource pack with a high level of detail. I think threes style look awesome in their own, but there are some differences when using one of them.

For example, Dokucraft Light contains lighter shades for every single texture, make them pop even when you’re underground without an source of light, this feature of this resource pack is so awesome !! On the other hand, Dokucraft Dark makes all upgraded textures become darker. Don’t worry, this feature makes your mining experiences become more realistic than ever before, because it will be impossible to see anything underground with out any light source. Furthermore, Dokucraft High makes many grey shades in order to make colors more vivid !! So middle ground will be so beautiful and fascinating !!

The author recommends players to use Magic Launcher HD to make this resource pack work correctly. So hope you guys will enjoy this awesome resource pack!!