Moray Hills Resource Pack

Are you looking for a resource pack which completely change Minecraft into a brand new world, something that you’ve never seen before ? This Moray Hill resource pack will be your best selection !! The Moray Hill resource pack adjusts everything about the world of Minecraft, not only the objects in the world but also the player’s GUI interface !! The newest feature of this resource pack is : making items, tools, weapons,… and the amount of them easier to manage while browsing your own inventory or looking at your chest, it’s definitely noticeable !! By the way, all textures has been upgraded a little bit to make them look cleaner and crisper, but in my point of view, the best update is definitely the sky !

As we can see, the standard sky from the original version of Minecraft is covered with blocky clouds look really like garbage !! This Moray Hills resource pack brings a whole new look to the sky. The realistic cloud, a rounded sun and moon and some more changes that make the sky look more believable than ever !! And if you love digging around, the resource pack offers you the best experiment as well !! There’s no more gray and boring stone anymore, they were replaced by realistic blocks for sure !! So hope you guys will enjoy this resource pack !!